How Animals See Humans Wearing HECS®


How do animals see you? The real question is, how do animals see you when you’re wearing HECS® camo? The principle is actually quite simple, but the reasoning behind it is somewhat complex.

We understand that animals have something we’ve referred to as a sixth sense. Hunters can tell you through their experiences that they’ve done everything correctly before an animal, such as a deer, has picked up on their presence and ran away.

Why is it that mammals, birds and fish have this keen sense? Why is it so difficult to get so close to them? This sixth sense they all seem to possess can be attributed to their ability to detect electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and pick up on electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

This is a major factor when it comes to hunting. While covering your scent and concealing yourself are efficient hunting techniques, you’re still exposed because of the EMR you produce. So, you might ask, is there anything you can do about it?

At HECS®, we design and create hunting and wildlife clothing with patented technology that helps block the EMR you put out. When you’re wearing HECS®, you’ll be able to get closer while you’re out hunting. Wildlife enthusiasts will also love our unique apparel because you’ll be able to observe wildlife in a natural way. Instead of being stressed out by your presence, the animals will act more naturally, as if you weren’t there.

It’s important to note that wearing HECS® does not make you invisible. Animals will still be able to smell you and watch your movements. However, they’ll see you more as an inanimate object rather than a threat.

HECS® clothing has revolutionized the way hunters hunt and the way wildlife photographers capture the photos they take. No matter how you enjoy the outdoors, HECS® clothing can benefit you.

How Can Animals Pick Up on EMFs?

It’s become clear that animals pick up on EMFs, something that we as humans don’t, and this has become such a mysterious thing that we’ve often labeled it as an animal’s sixth sense.

Let’s take birds as an example. Studies have shown that birds have a keen sense and use the Earth’s magnetic field for migration purposes. By using this sense, they’ve been able to navigate the globe effectively. Even though birds use other clues to navigate, such as celestial bodies, their ability to see EMFs is a highly effective tool. It has been known for years that birds can see the Earth’s electromagnetic field, but the reason why, we haven’t known. In recent years, there have been two studies (one from Germany and one from Sweden) to come out. These studies have found that fowl have a special protein in their eyes known as Cry4.

Cry4 is in the cryptochrome protein class and it is sensitive to blue light. In these studies, two different species of birds were the test subjects: European robins and zebra finches. Both birds had a presence of cryptochromes, most notably Cry4, and this seems to be the reason why they’re able to EMFs. Among species of birds, some have higher amounts of Cry4 than others. For instance, the European robins have a higher amount compared to the zebra finches. However, despite the amount of protein a species of bird has, it’s phenomenal that they have this heightened sense that humans don’t.

But it isn’t just birds that pick up on EMFs. While we know more about the specific protein that fowl species have, mammals seem to pick up on EMFs too. It isn’t completely understood and nobody is sure why, but we do know that mammals pick up on something.

A popular theory about mammals sensing EMFs is the magnetite that exists in their brains, which is a conductive element. However, this wouldn’t make the electromagnetic fields become visible like the cryptochrome proteins do for birds. Animal experts are still researching and gaining knowledge about the mechanics, but they can agree that there is something that gives mammals the ability to sense EMFs.

How Do EMFs Affect Your Hunting Experience?

It’s true that scent control and concealment are important aspects to hunting. In fact, we understand that you can go to great lengths for both aspects, but there’s still more to consider. Avoiding detection is so important and experienced hunters can tell you that you can only do so much with concealment before an animal, such as a deer, pops its head up and spots you. This is the thing we call its sixth sense.

Every animal on the planet emits an electrical signal, and birds, mammals and even fish can detect these signals, which makes your hunting experience more challenging. There is substantial evidence that large mammals respond to this electromagnetic energy in relation to sensing it. So referring to it as a sixth sense isn’t inaccurate. When you’re out hunting, you can think about it this way. An animal being able to sense your electromagnetic signals isn’t any different than when they pick up on your scent or see you moving.

Electrical currents, though small, do exist in the human body. This is caused by chemical reactions that occur through normal bodily functions. For instance, your nerves will relay signals to your brain through electrical impulses. In simple terms, when your muscles move and contract, you’re generating electric signals. Your heart (a muscle) is very electrically active, which is why a doctor can trace its activity through an electrocardiogram (EKG). The same goes for biochemical reactions like digestion and brain activity. You generate EMFs, and animals can pick up on this. 

This is a major factor when it comes to hunting, and why so many hunters go out and come back with nothing. Hiding your scent and concealing yourself with camo are effective techniques, but your EMFs are present and this could be throwing you off. Is there anything you can do about it?

The HECS® Difference

HECS® clothing is designed to make you a more proficient hunter and to improve your experience, no matter what you’re hunting. However, HECS® isn’t just for hunters either. Wildlife enthusiasts can benefit from HECS® apparel too. At HECS®, we’ve conducted in-depth research on the behaviors of animals and their ability to sense and detect EMR. The best way for a hunter or wildlife enthusiast to gain a better experience with wildlife is to block their own EMR.

Every creature has the unique ability to sense and detect a human’s presence. It strengthens the idea that animals pick up on and react to EMR signals produced by the human body. We’ve tested our unique clothing with deer, and the result was getting 69-75% closer to them than what was achieved without HECS®. Our EMR blocking garments are even more effective when a human subject remains motionless. But how does this work?

HECS® hunting and wildlife clothing is designed with our state-of-the-art EMR blocking technology. This means you’ll be able to get closer to wildlife than you could before. An experienced hunter or avid wildlife enthusiast can benefit greatly from HECS® clothing. When your muscles are moving and your breathing increases, you’re generating a lot more EMR, and HECS® is the only apparel out there that can help block this. We can’t make any guarantees that our clothing will make you a better hunter, but we can help you get closer to wildlife without being detected.

For outdoor lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, you can also have an impact when wearing HECS®. With our clothing, wildlife will act more naturally when you’re around because they won’t sense you as a direct threat when your EMR is blocked. This is a big advantage for people who love to explore and observe animals in their natural habitat.

See How HECS® Can Change Your Experience for the Better

How does HECS® hunting and wildlife clothing work? Our apparel has a carbon fiber grid woven into the fabric specifically designed to block the EMR you produce. This is how we’ve revolutionized the outdoor apparel industry.

You get all the benefits you need from HECS® clothing. Along with our state-of-the-art technology, our clothing is lightweight, breathable and durable. You’ll be able to move around with ease and it’s machine washable.

Try out HECS® clothing now to see how your outdoor experience will change for the better.