TrueCamo Wildlife and Hunting Apparel

TrueCamo clothing for hunters

Whether you’re a hunter or just a wildlife enthusiast, the outdoor apparel by HECS® will truly impress you. Our TrueCamo apparel is made with our patented technology, which will give you an entirely new experience when you’re out in the wild. Our TrueCamo clothing is made for both hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike. 

We know how important it is to have functionality when you’re in the great outdoors, so we make sure to focus on the performance aspect of our apparel. Our TrueCamo clothing is made from flexible, breathable fabric, so you’ll have a full range of motion. You can be sure you won’t feel restricted because of its lightweight fabric. 

While our TrueCamo apparel for hunters and wildlife experts has all the features you need (flexibility, breathability, comfortability and a camouflage pattern), HECS® takes things to the next level. It’s our patented technology that we use in all of our apparel that separates us from the rest. 

What is this unique feature that’s found in HECS®’s TrueCamo hunting camouflage and wildlife apparel? With HECS®, you can find an electrically conductive carbon grid that’s woven into the polyester base cloth, and this carbon grid does wonders.

Through scientific studies, researchers have found that many birds, fish and animals sense extreme low frequency electromagnetic energy. It’s also known that fish, mammals and birds migrate based off of Earth’s electromagnetic field. So, it makes sense that many creatures are able to sense the energy fields that are put off from living things. 

When your heart is beating and your muscles are moving, you are putting off an electrical energy field that animals can pick up on. 

How does HECS® help? It’s the carbon grid that’s woven into all of our clothing, including the TrueCamo clothing for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. The carbon grid blocks that electrical energy that wildlife can detect. 

It’s important to note that this does not make you invisible. Wildlife creatures can still detect your movement and scent, but by blocking your electrical energy, you’ll appear more like an inanimate object to them. This means that while you’re observing wildlife, you’ll see them acting more naturally since they won’t pick up on your electrical energy.   

This is what makes HECS® hunting and wildlife apparel the most effective outdoor gear you can own. Get your TrueCamo gear today and experience the outdoors like you never have before.